Jugoslavia JZ track measurements

Alle Schmalspurbahnen, die nicht in die oberen Schemen passen.

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Jugoslavia JZ track measurements

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Firstly, I apologise for posting in English on this German language forum - my German is very poor.

I am building an HOe layout based on the Bosnia 760mm gauge and I would like to know if anyone can give me measurements of the track components as I would like to build track as close to scale as possible. The main measurements I am looking for are these:
  • The height of the rail, or the weight per meter
  • The length and width of the ties (or "sleepers" here in the UK)
Many thanks,

Matthias Schulenburg
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Re: Jugoslavia JZ track measurements

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Hello Chris


The Bosna Bahn covers a long period starting from 1878 in the only colony of the Austrian Empire.
I don’t understand if you are referring to the Bosnabahn period or the later JDZ – JZ period.
In any case, I tell you what I know about the first period, which is the one I prefer , and it’s what I read in the Keith Chester books.

In 1878 the first line from Brod to Zenica was built by Hugel&Sager. They were in hurry and considering rails they had about nine different suppliers. The weight of the rails ranged from 8,9 kg/m to 17,5 kg/m and the length was 7 m. The width of the formation (Trasse) varied from 2,1 to 3 m.
Minimum radius was 50 m but curves with 30/40 m radius were not uncommon. Ballast was rare.

In 1880 started the prolonging from Zenica to Sarajevo using rails of 13,75 kg/m and 7 m long. Minimum radius 275 m on a steady gradient of 8 promille
In 1884 with BHStB, they started rebuilding the first part of the line, ballasting and resleepering , eliminating curves under 60 m radius and widening the formation to 3,1 m . Rails of 17,8 kg/m and 8 m of length were laid.

In 1885 started the bulding of the Narentabahn, From Sarajevo to Metkovic.
Length of sleeper was 1,6 m and you can evince this from drawings, published 1886 in the oesterreichische Eisenbahn Zeitung. See copies enclose, published in the first Keith Chester Book.

After 1890 the Narentabahn, the Dalmatiner Bahn and the Ostbahn were built using 21,8 kg/m rails

Following Alfred Horn’s Book, Bahnen in Bosnien und der Herzegowina, by 1912 about 70% of the whole net was fitted with this heavier type of rail, no more curves under 80 m radius.
Hight of rail 90 mm
Width of railhad 42 mm
Width of Base 75 mm
Unluckily no more information about sleepers

Nothing seemed to have changed during SHS form 1917 to 1941 and I have no information If JDZ and JZ did
any improvements on the track.

For my layout, considering turnouts, I use Austrian standards and build them by myself, using code 80 rail and Roco flextrack. Mostly the 60 m and the 110 m types, but there are also Y-turnouts and curved turnouts.

You'll find some videos in the thread Anlagenvorstellung under Bahnhofanlagen.

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Re: Jugoslavia JZ track measurements

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Hi Matthias,

Many thanks for your reply, it was very helpful. To answer your question, I am considering modelling the JZ around 1950-1960, but I'm happy to assume that not much had changed from the measurements you have given. This should be a good starting point for me.

Best wishes,