The LGB HGe 2/2 Rack Locomotives

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The LGB HGe 2/2 Rack Locomotives

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LGB introduced the HGe 2/2 locomotive in the 1987 catalogue as item 2046, later acquiring a zero to become item 20460.
Over the years, the model has been released in four liveries with seven variations, two being modellers licence if not fictitious.
A noteable feature of the model are its four pick-up skates.
The real locomotives totalled just four examples and were built by SLM / BBC for the Swiss Schöllenbahn Railway (Göschenen - Andermatt) in 1915 connecting the standard gauge Gottardbahn with the metre gauge Furka-Oberalpbahn. They were numbered 1 to 4 and were initially powered by 1,200v DC but in 1940 they were rebuilt to run on 11,000v AC to match the FO and as a result became much more powerful. The last locomotive in service lasted until 1985 by which time, the Furka-Oberalpbahn had fully taken over the Schöllenbahn operation, renumbering these locomotives 21 to 24. A box cab design, they had a driving cab at one end only that always faced the bottom of the incline (facing Göschenen). The locomotives pushed their trains up the incline (as is usual safe practice) with the conductor / guard giving bell signals to the driver on the ascent. Track gauge was 1000mm and drive was to the wheels (adhesion) and to the rack wheels, which were all permanently connected and so could also be used as an ordinary locomotive (a similar locomotive type, the He 2/2 had only the rack wheels powered with the flanged wheels being free … these could only be used on racked track. 65 of this type by various manufacturers for various railways were built).
All four locomotives transferred to FO ownership in 1961.
Number 22 was withdrawn / scrapped in 1976.
Number 24 was withdrawn / scrapped in 1980.
Number 23 was withdrawn / scrapped in 1982 following a fire.
Number 21 was withdrawn / scrapped in 1986 after its frames broke.
It was thought that the prototype would be preserved but it was too far gone and its would be saviours had all been cut up.
Today the line is part of the MGB with larger rack wheel fitted locomotives going further afield, not just on the branch, enabling operation of through trains.

2046 / 20460: FO red livery - locomotive number 21 (1987 - 1994)
2146 / 21460: Schöllenbahn blue & cream livery - locomotive number 3 (1989 - 1995)
22460: LGB yellow & white livery (fictitious) - locomotive number 4 (1996 - 2007)
23460: Zugspitzbahn blue livery (modellers licence set 70246) - locomotive number 15 (1998 - 2002)
24460: FO red livery - locomotive number 24 (2004 - 2005) MTS decoder fitted
23460: FO red livery - locomotive number 22 (2013 - 2015) MZS decoder fitted
23461: Schöllenbahn grey & cream livery - locomotive number 1 (2017 - 2018) MZS sound decoder fitted
(It will be noted that the 23460 number was used twice, once by LGB and again by Marklin. Maybe Marklin hadn’t realised that the Zugspitzbahn set, numbered 70246, had the locomotive numbered 23460 underneath).
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