EuroNG - LKM NS2, Jung Dn2t and O&K 0-6-0wt

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EuroNG - LKM NS2, Jung Dn2t and O&K 0-6-0wt

Beitragvon jameshilton » 15. Mai 2015, 09:47

Hello there - I hope you don't mind me posting a topic in English?
I'd like to share some of my models that are available in 009 (1:76) as this represents 600mm gauge more accurately when using 9mm track. I apologise if this is not the right place on the forum. I hope these models are of interest to you all.

All of these can be seen on my Facebook page (which is viewable even without a Facebook account):
and will be available through Narrow Planet.

All three models are multi-media with 3D printed bodies in Frosted Ultra Detail, some small detail parts on a sprue, and etched nickel silver details and overlays.

This small diesel is designed to fit on the Minitrains Gmeinder chassis and comes with three alternate cab styles in the kit.
£35 plus international postage at cost.

Jung Dn2t
This model is based on a 750mm gauge example, but scaled down a touch to better match a 600mm model - so it can be used in both H0e and 009. Designed to fit on the Minitrains Brigadelok chassis, and be secured with the Minitrains chimney/stack.
£50 plus international postage at cost.

[b]O&K 0-6-0wt[/b
The follow up to my first kit, the Narrow Planet 40hp O&K 0-4-0wt, this 0-6-0wt was inspired by the reconstruction the Czech firm is currently offering and is based on their drawings. It uses a Roco Feldbahn which provides it's chimney and chassis.
£50 plus international postage at cost.
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Beitragvon Bahndoc » 15. Mai 2015, 19:03

Hi James! Welcome to that narrow guage Forum! Doesn`t matter that your german is not the best, most of us speak english!
I do now post the text you sent me this week:

I am happy to announce that as of today, I am accepting pre-orders for an initial batch of the Jung Dn2t locomotive for £50 including UK postage*.
The prototype is based upon a Jung locomotive built post WW2 for use in Bosnia on a variety of the 760mm forestry lines in that country. However it is a design that Jung used in different sizes, gauges and wheel arrangements so it could be considered fairly generic, and representative of an era of post-war industrial narrow gauge locomotives in Eastern Europe, and is suitable for both 009 (as a smaller 600mm gauge locomotive) and H0e (as a medium sized 750mm gauge locomotive).
The kit comes with a 3D printed body-shell and detail etch, and requires a Minitrains Brigadelok chassis and various gauges of wire (for handrails and pipework) to complete.
The special pre-order price is £50 including UK postage*. Please contact me on to register your interest. I will be requesting full payment through Narrow Planet prior to production starting later this month, with a target delivery of mid June.
After this initial batch, the model will be available on demand, which will incur a 4-6 week lead time.
* international postage available at cost.

My question now, when will the etched parts for the Resita be available?
Regards, Christian.
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Beitragvon jameshilton » 19. Mai 2015, 09:59

Hi Christian - the etched parts are causing me trouble due to the number and variation of 'plates' people have requested. Each plate must be drawn up separately - in future, I will not offer this service as flexibly!

The O&K 0-6-0 wt (ENG-005) is now available on the online shop
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Beitragvon Silbergraeber » 19. Mai 2015, 10:36


the Jung-engine with it's typical Jung-cab looks similar to an engine that was in service for the Deutsche Baryt Industrie in the Harz Mountains. Is it 1:87-scale or 1:76-scale?

Best regards

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Beitragvon jameshilton » 19. Mai 2015, 10:51

Hi Jorn - it's quite small in 009, so is perfectly acceptable in H0e as a larger locomotive. I'd love to see a photograph of the prototype you mention?
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Beitragvon jameshilton » 5. Januar 2016, 10:52

To cheer you all up after Christmas EuroNG are offering a 10% discount on all kits ordered until midnight, Sunday 10th January.
This can be used against any of the products stocked by Narrow Planet:
  • ENG-002 - Hungarian forestry diesel (LKM NS3)
  • ENG-003 - LKM NS2 diesel
  • ENG-004 - Jung Dn2t steam locomotive
  • ENG-005 - O&K 0-6-0wt
  • ENG-006 - Coferna diesel
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